Coding for people and planet

    Welcome! I’m Kim Branzell, a creative full-stack developer based in Osby, Sweden.

    What I do

    I’m dedicated to creating websites that have a real purpose. My goal is to combine innovative design with the latest technology to make websites that aren’t just beautiful, but also easy to use and understand.

    I focus on eco-friendly methods and making the web accessible to all. My aim is to build websites that not only attract attention but also make a positive impact on the worldwide digital scene.


    • Fingerprint Cards

    • KKB Fastigheter AB

    • Malmö Kommunala Bostäder

    • Trianon

    • Trident

    • Skanska

    • Skånemejerier

    • Trianon

    • FC Rosengård

    • Rubin Medical


    In today’s fast-changing digital world, I focus on creating websites that are easy for everyone to use and good for the environment. My goal is to make websites that connect with your audience and also help our planet and all its people. Let me show you how I can turn your ideas into reality, in a way that’s both sustainable and welcoming for everyone

    Sustainable Web Development

    In the digital world, it’s important to care for our environment. My approach to web development focuses on creating beautiful, functional websites that are also energy-efficient.

    Accessibility-First Design

    I prioritize making the internet accessible to everyone. My design approach puts accessibility first. By following WCAG standards, I make sure websites are not just legal, but welcoming and usable for people of all abilities.

    Responsive and Mobile-First Development

    In today’s mobile-focused world, having a website that works well on all devices is key. My skills in mobile-first development makes sure your site looks great and runs smoothly, whether on a computer or a smartphone.


    After your project goes live, I’ll keep supporting you and offer eco-consulting. I’ll help improve your website’s impact on the environment, making sure it’s not just cutting-edge but also eco-friendly.

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